Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom

An early film by one of the most awesome, female-positive directors, Pedro Almodovar. Pepi, Luci and Bom deals with alternative youth culture in Spain back when people were starting to live it up at the end of the Franco dictatorship. Hilarious scenes include an open air penis size competition; when a transexual speaks (in an almost incomprehensible high pitched voice) about her facial hair to her husband and also when sadist Bom pees on masochist Luci’s face. Explores LGBT issues and manages to surprise and delight, entertain and shock, the whole way through. The problems of a really low budget and poor production quality are outweighed by sheer inventiveness and originality of plot. As with most Almodovar films, women take a majority of the prominent roles.

I made this blog after I decided I could no longer accept insipid female characters in movies.

Please join me, for feminist-friendly recommendations and movie talk.

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